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Genesee Country Wedding

Mike and Melissa had their wedding at the Genesee Country Museum in Mumford NY just south of Rochester NY. They hoped for a warm sunny day and October and oh boy did they get a magical day. The fall colors were at their peak and a provided beautiful setting for their  apple orchard wedding ceremony. The horse and carriage delivered the bridal party to their destination, and  took  us all back a hundred years to imagine the good old days and a country wedding day. The sun goes down early in October, but the air stayed warm for the exciting barn reception and wedding dance party!











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Great locations for Rochester NY Wedding Photography

There are so many cool places to go for Rochester NY Wedding Photography. Ben and Nicole made a great call going to The Warner Castle Sunken Gardens at Highland Park Rochester. A favorite for wedding photography for many years – even before my first wedding over sixteen years ago – photographers have enjoyed the unique castle garden setting featuring multiple levels of stair cases, iron rails, sun and shade flowers and trees . . . . so many options, so little time!

Rochester Senior Portraits & Family Photographer Webster.

Strolling the castle grounds . . .



























Rochester’s quirky Museum of Modern Art at Artisan Works offers a setting that is just the opposite of traditional. You can’t help but have fun at the party exploring all the rooms, with the finest luxury wedding comforts and amenities included. at Rochester Senior Portraits & Family Photographer Webster.

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Rochester NY Photographer – Vineyard Wedding Celebration

Casa Larga Vineyard in Rochester NY was the perfect location for Andrew and Shawna’s June wedding! No matter what the weather forecast is – I know that there will be great photo opportunities inside and out!

Rochester Senior Portraits & Family Photographer Webster

vineyard wedding pic just before sunset

The best thing about photographing June weddings is the LONG LONG day! It’s great to take the newlyweds outside after dinner for a quick sunset portrait. Everyone is relaxed after an elegant dinner, and before they start dancing. We can enjoy a little quiet time out in the vineyard. At Rochester Senior Portraits & Family Photographer Webster, we make sure that you are having a good time, and great wedding pictures will naturally follow. If needed, we offer a little guidance from Jay, the photojournalist wedding photography style is easy breezy. Take a few minutes to view the photos here on the Vineyard Wedding Celebration page, and let us know if we can help plan your wedding day details!



Planning for April wedding photography in Rochester NY

Our wedding season here in Rochester and the Finger Lakes NY typically begins in April, and continues through October.  If you like cooler temperatures for your big day, then April offers long sunny days with better ceremony and reception availability compared to October. When the weather cooperates, and outdoor photography is possible, the results can well worth the gamble. The Palmer Photography Wedding Team knows all the best locations for photographing your wedding party. So skip the reservations and crowds at Rochester NY’s popular Sunken Gardens, in favor of a free picture spot like Chad and Nikki did near Webster Park.

Celebrating our 14th year of Senior Portrait Photographer & Family Portraits Rochester NY | Palmer Photography


Sunset Wedding Photography in Rochester NY

Our Rochester NY weather may be unpredictable–but capturing true LOVE is a SURE THING! Sarah and Bob just rolled with the weather the day they said, “I Do!” The venue? Sodus Bay Yatch Club    A passing storm threatened to dampen the reception, but LOVE reigned instead! Guests even enjoyed a rainbow which appeared over the bay shortly before the reception began, which brought on the smiles.

Here Sarah, hurries back to her wedding reception, shortly before sunset. It was an unbelievably gorgeous night and the couple is sure to enjoy many more sunsets together as husband and wife.

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