Common questions about our photography services:

Digital digital digital!  Now all the little tricks and cheats that Hollywood and Fashion Magazines use are available to you!  Our retouching skills have improved customer satisfaction drastically compared to the days of film photography.  Call it “digital Lypo”, “digital Botox”, face switching – whatever – we have the digital tools to make you happy with your portrait experience.  It’s not like the old days when the little imperfections, distractions, and closed eyes ruin the otherwise great image.  Don’t be afraid to ask us about retouching possibilities!

Studio Policies & Information

Face Switching:

One of the best new services that digital technology has brought to photographers is the ability to cut and paste between images.  We now offer face switching on group portraits to insure good expressions on every individual from ages 1 to 100!  This service is included on your finished portrait prints along with retouching and special effects such as black and white, and sepia coloring.  Face switching is only possible with images that are nearly identical, except for the facial expressions.

Retouching Policy:

Finished prints are professionally retouched to remove any undesirable blemishes or body marks that clients may wish to have removed. In addition, the studio offers image modification for clients requesting to switch faces, remove background objects, etc., when feasible.

Special modification requests made to preview images will be charged at $40.00 per change upon request. This $40.00 charge will be credited towards the purchase price of finished prints that are ordered with requested changes.  Palmer Photography retains the right to alter images without notification.  No charges will be applied in such cases.

Specialized modifications to faces, teeth, eyes, braces, hair, body piercing, tattoos, clothing, bodies, etc will incur additional charges of $80 per hour, $25 minimum.

Cropping “sizes and shapes”

print sizes and cropping explained

print sizes and cropping explained


Standard frame sizes do not have the same shape!  It is not feasible to show ‘exactly’ how every image will look when cropped to the final print size at preview time.  Preview images are shown at approximately 5×7 shape. Sometimes images will not fit into the standard size frame without something being ‘cropped’ out.  When in doubt,  ask to see how your chosen image will look at it’s final print size.

Cropping facts:

4×6’s are narrow.

5×7’s are less narrow.
8×10’s are almost square
5×7’s and wallets are the same shape
8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 are the same shape
4×6, 8×12, 10×15, and 16×24 are the same shape
8×12, 10×15, and 16×24 are not standard sizes.

Studio Signature prints:

Portrait prints created at our studio are marked with our studio logo or artist signature including the year the image was photographed.  The signature appears on the bottom corner of all prints in a tasteful and inconspicuous manner.  We are proud of our high standards for creative photographic artistry and printing.  The signature ads a personal and professional touch to our finished product; therefore please do not ask Palmer Photography to make prints without our artistic signature.

Preview CD’s:

Digital preview CD’s are used for your reference only and do not represent the quality of the final photographic product.  Your finished prints will be cropped, retouched, sharpened, color corrected, and printed on professional Kodak Endura semigloss paper. (classic finish)

Online Previewing:

Online portrait previewing at  offers a convenient viewing method for “out of town” family and friends. We currently use DropBox to share preview images.


Our Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We’ll make it right, or you money back*.

*High resolution printable images purchased are not eligible for
cash refunds once they are taken out of the studio. High resolution
files are studio calibrated to print accurately on Kodak
professional photo paper. Quality results cannot be guaranteed for
home printers, drug store economy prints, and online paper/press
products. Quality prints may be ordered through our studio “Express
Online Service” for reasonable retail prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. My hours are:

Monday – Thursday 10am – 7pm

Friday 9am – 5:00pm.

Saturdays (call).

Times may vary according to my portrait and wedding schedule. Please call ahead for availability.

Q. Who would photograph my wedding, and what would happen in the event that he or she gets sick or has an emergency?

A: I am the only photographer for the studio, and in the unlikely event that I disabled the day of your wedding I would call on my assistant , who is a very capable part time wedding and portrait photographer or my colleague/mentor who is semi retired and has over 25 years experience with weddings and portraits.

Q: We really want outdoor shots. If the
weather is bad, can we reschedule at the last minute?

A: For best outdoor
lighting we schedule the 45 minute high school sessions either in the
morning before 10am, or in the afternoon 3:30, 4:30, 5:00, or 5:30pm. In
the event of heavy rain, we usually photograph the indoor portraits, and
then reschedule outdoor photography on reserved rain dates. Cloudy
weather is fine for outdoor portraits, and a little rain in the area can
actually help the appearance of our open areas, and add to the variety
of settings.

Q: I was also wondering if you supply gift certificates?

I am looking into purchasing session for my brother in-law and his wife who have a baby girl, and I am wondering if the $79.99 fee covers prints as well. We would like to give it to them as a commemoration of Baby’s first/FAMILY’s first Christmas.

A: We have gift certificates available for any $ amount you would like. The recipient could choose the session they need, and also use it for prints. A small family with young children usually does a 30 minute session, and possibly additional short sessions for the kid’s individual portraits.

The gift certificate can be purchased over the phone with a credit card, or let me know when you can visit the studio to pick one up.

Q: Are the preview CD’s that you provide after the shoot shot on a high resolution so that prints can be made directly from the CD?

I ask because we are not looking to spend more than $80 and the extended family that they may decide to send prints too is quite large so I think they may want to be able to print directly from the CD. 

Thanks so much for getting back as quickly as you did. I really enjoy the style of shots that you have on your website. No fake stuck smiles which is a rarity in most family portraits!!!

Take care.

A: The preview CD does not include printable images. In order to control the quality of our finished work, we retouch and perfect each image ordered and print on the highest quality Kodak paper available. We also offer digital face switching on group portraits to ensure that each person has a flattering natural expression .

Our customer service and quality reputation depend largely on the craftsmanship of the print making process. Therefore we do not allow printing of the un-retouched preview images.

$80 can get more quantity at discount photography studios, but without the variety, quality, and service we provide.

Q. Do you use a professional digital
cameras, and do you carry backup in the case of a malfunction?

A. I use Canon 50d, 5d, and 7d digital SLR’s
and lenses to photograph the wedding . . . multiple back-ups of cameras, lights,
batteries, lenses, and cords.

Q. How many wedding has your studio photographed and do you enjoy doing weddings? 

A. I have photographed more than 350 weddings over the past 17 years. I enjoy the work and it is an honor to be a personal participant in each individual event!

Q. Do you shoot un-posed candid as well as portraits?

A. Most couples will choose a combination of traditional and photojournalistic style, using color, B&W, candid, and bridal party poses. My approach is to offer a nice blend of the photographic styles. I can do a traditional wedding – all color with the typical photo opts throughout your day. I can do a photojournalist style with all black and white and minimal posing. Regardless of style, my goal is to capture each couple enjoying their wedding day, and take great pictures as they happen.

Q. Do you offer custom framing?

A. We offer a great alternative to custom framing with
our collages. You get a custom matted look on a single digital print
made to a standard size. High quality  frames are now readily
available at many stores .